What Is The Fifth Agreement Book About

You see, the problem is not really knowledge; the problem is the belief in a distortion of knowledge – and this is what we call a lie. What is the truth and what is the lie? What is real and what is virtual? Can you see the difference, or do you believe that voice in your head every time it speaks and distorts the truth while making sure that what you believe is the way things really are? Is it really true that you are not a good person and you will never be good enough? Is it really true that you don`t deserve to be happy? Is it really true that you are not worthy of love? For thousands of years, people have been trying to understand the universe, nature and, above all, human nature. It`s amazing to see people in action all over the world, in all the different places and cultures that exist on this beautiful planet Earth. People try very hard to understand, but in doing so, we also make a lot of assumptions. We distort the truth and create the most amazing theories; we create entire philosophies and the most amazing religions; We create stories and superstitions about everything, including ourselves. And that`s exactly the main point: we create them. Every artist distorts the truth, but you don`t have to judge what someone says or call that person a liar. We all tell lies in one way or another, not because we want to lie. It is because of what we believe; It`s because of the symbols we`ve learned and how we use all those symbols. Once you are aware of this, the fifth chord makes a lot of sense and can make a very big difference in your life.

All artists have the right to create their art as they wish. They have the right to believe what they want to believe; They have the right to say everything they have to say, but if you don`t learn to listen, you will never understand what they are saying. When you learn to listen, you know exactly what others want. Once you know what they want, it`s up to you to do what you do with that information. Who is talking in your head? You assume you are. But if you`re the one talking, who`s listening? You, the knowledge, are the one who speaks in your head and tells you what you are. You, the man, listen, but you, the man, existed long before you had knowledge. You existed long before you understood all these words, before you learned to speak, and like any child before he learned to speak, you were completely authentic. You didn`t pretend to be what you aren`t. Without knowing it, you have completely trusted yourself; You totally loved each other. Before you learned knowledge, you were completely free to be who you really are because all those opinions and stories of other people weren`t already in your head. When you use your consciousness, you will see everything you believe, and that is how you live your life.

Your life is completely dominated by the belief system you have learned. All you believe is the history you live; Everything you believe generates the emotions you experience. And you may really want to believe that you are what you believe, but this image is completely wrong. .